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2012-1-19 08:23 upload and download the attachment (126.52 KB) NIKE recently exposure new shoes new female Pocker Runner II, a female to provide a comfortable and flexible movement for inspiration, the end use of the comfortable and can provide a shock absorber of the Lunar technology, and the elastic cloth vamp to increase permeability and during exercise flexibility, both popular and comfortable street function!

James and young players and players have a photo of the James arms

the morning of August 16th, Lebron came to the Chang'an University gymnasium, 30 outstanding players from the "Nike basketball all star" summer tour stand out JDI basketball elite training camp for the guidance, guide them to improve basketball skills, teach them with more hard training more investment in the summer to improve themselves, to chasing the dream of the strength to win the basketball.

selected players from the JDI elite basketball training camp from all the competitions at the "basketball attack", the summer basketball tour, and the Xi'an division. In the tour, the city teams enter the city finals through the round robin and elimination races, and the team that won the city Championship will compete in the national championship in Shanghai this month at the Nike sports meet.
James live show dunk
in an hour long training camp, Lebron explained a number of basketball skills for these little players, demonstrated his basketball skills, and directed small players to practice in groups. Lebron then coaches each team's practice to correct their movements. Lebron also shot game and small players, with competition, getting the players exciting confrontation to consolidate the training results. At the end of the training camp, James answered the question of the live player. He encouraged the players: "everyone has dreams when he's a kid and chase his dreams with sport.". Don't doubt yourself, you are your worst enemy." As for the improvement of basketball skills, James said, "they practice very hard and they learn very quickly.". But when the master new technology, are progressing, can use solid grasp and flexible." The little players also shared their harvest, took pictures with Lebron and ended the all star training camp happily.

August 17th, Lebron James will go to the last leg of the basketball Tour - Shanghai. There, Lebron will join various sports stars and sports enthusiasts from all over the country to participate in the grand Nike sports club, adding the most dynamic basketball stamp to the summer sports season.
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The 103 year old marathon was awarded the British Empire Medal.
young people will be better than physically robust and strong, older? It can not, under the old man, look at his story enough to allow young people to worship the shock!

British Indians of Fallujah? Singer, born in April 1, 1911, it has been 103 years old this year! A lot of people once asked, what is the secret of longevity? Singer told everyone in actual action: running a marathon.

young, Singer was a farmer in India's Punjab, he recalled, when the day to eat what to worry about, did not have time to exercise, until the children follow British immigrants, the day is better, he will be free to a healthy body, why? It's better to run a marathon. After making friends with a group of Marathon lovers, Singer began to understand this sport. After that, he was on the marathon road at the age of 89.
began to run a marathon, Singer's "experience" is really a shame for young people. Pakistan in 2005 at the Lahore marathon, Singer clocked 64 minutes for 10 thousand meters; in 2004, the Toronto marathon, he half marathon race in 2 hours 29 minutes and 59 seconds; in 2003, the Toronto Binjiang marathon, Singer Malaysia score of 5 hours 40 minutes and one second! The 3 World Records of the men over 90 years old are all written under the name of Singer.

in recognition of Singer in the marathon session of legends, last week, Singer was awarded the order of the British Empire, an ordinary man can get such honor is not easy. After the 10 kilometre race in the Hongkong marathon in 2013, the old man declared his retirement, but who said it? This year, or next year, it is still unknown which marathon Singer will take part in. You know, Singer's daily training is said to be between 12 and 16 kilometers.

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