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see this orange tongue tag is not difficult to see that it is a retro shoes, but also revealed a hint of retro environmental sense of color. The launch of the new Green Suede as main material, and collocation with the color of lace and nylon tongue decoration, shoe body with white leather lining, Swoosh, vulcanized soles, shoes to bring a lot of fresh feeling, and the orange tongue and heel tag, it is giving the environmental color shoes bring infinite vitality sense. This new product is now available in Calirooots, like friends can pay attention to.

Adidas continued with Japan designer Yamamoto Teruji (Yohji Yamamoto) cooperation, the sports fashion brand Y-3 launched Tokio Trainer new shoes, with gray as the base, the back-end use of black leather, above the tongue and heel using nylon material, with bright green and pink collocation details, the shoes to No74 buy

108 km of great song in Hangzhou

July 17, 2016, the grand song 108 international cross-country competition news conference and the official network registration start ceremony was held in Hangzhou Sports Bureau. The same day, the Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Hangzhou Sports Federation, Hangzhou City Sport Association, Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Hangzhou's entrepreneurs outdoor sports and other related leaders attended the conference, as the Asian cross-country masters of Hangzhou Railway Station, 108 km cross-country song Hangzhou will become another stage for the international outdoor name card, get the Hangzhou government's affirmation and support.

cross-country race Integrated Water Margin element raceway across dozens of West Lake mountains

this song 108 cross-country, to the ancient capital of Southern Song Dynasty as the cultural background, in the mountains of West Lake as the main line, the full integration of the "Water Margin" elements, part of the track by the "Water Margin" in monuments, characters, stories and other names, such as Song Jiang, Wu Yun army way Liuhe Pagoda Hill section named Song Jiang, Lu Zhishen passed away at the name Lu Zhishen section, from the Songcheng station as a starting point, so that domestic and foreign well-known outdoor warriors and off-road master road shuttle in the history, feel the legacy of the Southern Song Dynasty, in the history of the water margin story scenes, to pay tribute to the names of antiquity, a general style.

song 108 km international cross-country passes through Hangzhou at the whole mountain path, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, streams, travel trails, roads, trails leaves steep insurance Wu Shan, too emerge in an endless stream, across the cliff hill, Xishan, hill, mountain, Ruyi head knife sharp, Long Wei West Lake Bashan mountains. In the track, there will be other story scenes, such as wild boar forest, Wu Dalang burn cake shop and Sun Erniang baozi shop, which will make the cross-country race more fun. At the same time, we should take care of historical allusions in the process of March, and the medals of events will also be named after the water margin 108.

event safety guarantee zero dead angle registration is required through strict audit of

has a different mission in every time. For the modern people, the challenge of self, the challenge of the limit has a lot of fun, and it is of great significance. Motocross track is a complex and extremely test players endurance sports, in order to ensure the safety of participants, the organizers will be strict qualification and health examination of candidates; arrange pre professional training courses and guidance; game players each will be equipped with the "Gobi eye" satellite positioning tracker; the organizers will also equipped with more than 100 safety first aid team and experienced professional staff at the track, in each CP point and supply the contestants' safety and health testing, to ensure the safety of poker players do finish, do not meet the players will be forced to continue discouraging and arrange the rest.

to meet the international road, a blend of classical and modern, quiet and dynamic combination of Hangzhou such as the song 108 km cross-country international will generally run faster; the song appeared 108 km cross-country international, is bound to promote Hangzhou in the international sports community's reputation and status added a nongmo.

registration and consulting

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